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Meet Mr Stephen Shepherd, The Screen and Media teacher of ACDC

3D design is an important part of Stephen’s life. He has long been obsessed with 3D animation and design in the past 15 years; just over the last 3 years alone, he has learned 3 different software packages including 3d Max, Cinema 4D and Maya. Stephen spends his spare time making 3D animations for short film festivals on subjects dear to his heart.

Stephen is a highly trained and energetic Screen and Media teacher with 15 years of teaching experience and 25 years of experience in the multimedia industry.


In 2017, one of Stephen’s short films was accepted into the Melbourne short film festival; a major milestone for him. Since then, he has progressed to work on a wide range of challenging array of software in his own personal time as well.


With this, Stephen makes himself a jack of all trades when it comes to anything software.

How the Adventure Began

Stephen has been making short low budget films and music videos since he was 13. After a stint at the Waikato Institute of Technology where he completed his degree in media arts, he made a number of music videos for a variety of techno artists in Auckland NZ. Following that, he had a spell as a media technician and graphic designer for an online advertisement company. But wishing to seek his fortune elsewhere; he came to Melbourne, ready to embrace new opportunities.


After doing a short course on 3d Studio Max Stephen discovered his calling and thus has been obsessed with 3D design ever since. Following his passion, he took on multiple jobs in different international colleges and private software training organisations teaching students from all walks of life the wonders of 3D design. From there, he made his way to ACDC, where he now presides as our resident teacher of Screen and Media.

More about Stephen Shepherd

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There are Stories that we ALL Know

In many ways, Stephen’s wide variety of skillsets and boundless creativity is also reflected in his hobbies and pastimes. Stephen is an avid hiker and traveler, as well as a keen skateboarder and windsurfer. He is frequently inspired by the many beautiful cultures of the different countries he has visited.


He expresses his admiration for their uniqueness with his teaching, design, and personal creations; for Stephen believes that every culture has a different style, all of which can be used in 3D design to create truly beautiful things.


Even when not acting upon his hobbies, he is always training to better his skills and widen his knowledge; forever seeking expertise in his many programming skillsets including After Effects, Maya, Substance Painter, the Adobe Suite, and more.

Stephen wants to finish his story with one of his favourite quotes from Winston Churchill.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill –

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