The man who combines Media Arts and Music in one!

Meet Sammy Yin, a Graphic / Screen Media teacher at ACDC!

Music is a very important aspect of design. It influences your thoughts, ideas, movements & so much more. As for me, music is intrinsically linked with design. Most of my design ideas come while playing music. Beats and melody set the mood of my images whilst lyrics and tempo influence my movements when designing. For me, there is simply no way to design anything without music.


I am a self-motivated and hardworking Graphic, Digital Media, IT developer/teacher with 15-years of industry and teaching experience gained within various practical and development roles. These have been mainly within local Australian multimedia, game and IT companies, and educational institutions such as the Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria University, and others.


I believe a degree is not just a piece of paper, it is a piece of recognition for our hard work and dedication. For me, witnessing a student walking in as a dreamer and walking out as an achiever is an amazing and inspirational thing.

How the Adventure Began

17 years ago, a boy who landed on the Australian continent with $2000 in cash, a suitcase and a guitar began my adventure in Melbourne.


After completing a four-year Bachelor’s degree in Theoretical Physics, I decided to challenge my other talents to develop and enhance the creative digital solution abilities of my brain. I started my first Master’s degree study in Multimedia at Monash University.


From science to art, from logical to creative, the process of transforming to a new method of thinking is very challenging and difficult, especially at the very beginning. However, these were no barriers to my participation in this new and exciting field of study.


That very same child still believes in my choices with conviction. Through my studies, have found that design and science are friends, though such a belief may come as a surprise to people who have never studied science deeply.


I believe that some of the greatest discoveries in science all involved art in some form, and music is something that can connect them all into one!


With one meal a day and 12 hours of study for nearly 2 years, I successfully completed my 1st Master’s Degree as a top graduator recognized by Australian Design Institute.  However, even during my studies; the music never left my life, instead of working alongside me as I took every opportunity to play music with my friends and band wherever I could, be it pub, city, or centre stage.

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There are Stories that we ALL Know

This is where I discovered that science and design were not opposites, but shared a child in music. During my time rocking out, I realized that music was a lot like science; building itself from basic notes and combining itself into an infinite variety of different compositions and notes. In many ways, I found that music was math, all the way down from the rhythm to the chords. But in all the ways that mattered, music was also a child of design; the beauty of composition, the emotion that music can evoke, all of it borne from creativity rather than logic.


And so, it is the perfect bridge between science and design, and it was in music where I found my balance.


As Albert Einstein once said: “the greatest scientist are artists as well.”. This, I have proven once more – A science student can also have a sexy and creative brain.


Today, all I can say is, arm yourself with both logical and creative thinking, and inspire others with an indomitable spirit. Be confident in yourself! Nothing can become a barrier to your success if you really, truly desire it!



“If you want something hard enough, it just gets done. “

–  Billy Strayhorn –

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