The Camera is Rolling

Meet Manuel Cancino, the Real-life Movie Maker

You never know what life might bring, just like the movies… the plot twists are the most interesting part.

I’m Manuel Cancino, an international student from Chile. I am also a professional Videographer, a graduate of Diploma of Marketing and Communication at Australian City Design College.

I am about to tell you that how this design school in Melbourne has changed my life.

How the Adventure Began

After working for more than 10 years in a broadcast TV Channel back in Chile, I felt the need to have a break, a time for me to go to explore and have new experiences. That’s when I decided to come to Australia for a year on a work and holiday visa.


I planned to go back to Chile after my visa finished. But the lifestyle in Melbourne was so gratifying that I decided to stay for one more year to expand my knowledge by studying some courses that implement all my previous work.

Unfortunately, my studying experiences were not the best. I joined more than 3 schools where the students didn’t receive the tools or the knowledge that were needed to learn properly. I was disappointed in the international schools in Melbourne until I found the marketing and communication course at Australian City Design College. So, I said to myself “Let’s stay in Australia for one more year and see what I might learn.”


At the very first moment, I felt a warm welcome from the staff and a real need to teach the students correctly. The teachers were sincerely interested in me, and keen to find out what I wanted to achieve from the study, they helped me to understand the course subjects, such as marketing strategies, social media strategies, marketing communication plans and just to name a few. Moreover, the course is so much more than just submitting assessments.


I am so glad that I’ve made the choice to study at Australian City Design College! As matter of fact, I ended up studying with ACDC for two years! I’ve made many friends through my studies with them and I was on the college soccer team as well. Playing soccer in Australia with different nationalities was so fun!

Manny 06
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There are Stories that we ALL Know

During my time in ACDC, I have built up my own videography business, my teacher supported me with marketing plans and marketing strategies, the school helped my business grow by offering me many video-making opportunities.


Best of all, I met my girlfriend during this time and now we have a beautiful daughter together.


Life is about making the right decisions. Looking back, what a great decision that I’ve made! I will always be grateful for Australian City Design College and the love and support they have shown to me, now I call Melbourne my home and the College my ACDC family!


You can find more about Manuel’s videography business through his social media platform:

“You never know what life might bring, just like the movies… the plot twists are the most interesting part”.


– Manuel Cancino –

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