From Science to Design

Meet Gina Fu, the Designer with a Scientist’s mind

It is never too late to follow your dreams and to pursue your passions. I am Gina Fu, an international student from China. I am also a passionate designer. It all began with my studies at Australian City Design College. Before I got into the screen and media course, I spent five years learning biomedicine and health science. If everything had gone as planned, I would have been working in a clinic or hospital by now.

The course was pretty intensive and challenging, of course, that’s what you’d expect of studying medicine.  But the most frustrating part was that I didn’t know if I wanted to pursue a career in that field. It was my interest in biology that got me into it in the first place, but things became more draining as time went by. Looking back, I think probably, it was a fear of failure, of nothingness, of emptiness awaiting me, if my biomedicine and heath studies were not completed, and that kept me going to complete my studies eventually.

So, after graduation I decided to take some time off to figure out what I truly wanted to do.

How the Adventure Began

One day, I suddenly remembered the short films that I had made in high school for a media project, and that reminded me how much I enjoyed video production. The racing thoughts stayed in my head the whole night and I couldn’t get over it. Shortly, I searched on Google “what is the best place to learn practical skills of visual storytelling”, and then I found the screen and media course at Australian City Design College.


I must say it is probably one of the few right decisions that I’ve made in my life. Within the first two weeks of the screen and media course, I knew it was the right place.  Knowledge and skills that I’ve gained during the studies were practical and they’re something that I can use straight away and see immediate results. Words can’t describe how excited I was when I created my first poster in Photoshop. Another thing that I loved about the course was the opportunity to participate in an internship program.


Work experience in the creative industry is absolutely essential if you want to work as a designer, and as someone who had no experience, I was so glad that Australian City Design College provided me with the opportunity to have an internship with the Fintech Ecosystem Company. Intern experience has made the transition into my first paid job as a video editor at a start-up company. By the time I graduated, I’ve received enough hands-on experience that secured me a full-time position as a designer.

Gina’s Portfolio


There are Stories that we ALL Know

Now when I think about my learning experience at Australian City Design College, it always amazes me how much I have changed over the past 12 months. I can’t remember where I read this, but here is a quote that I want to share.


“Follow your passions and don’t be afraid of changes, because you won’t lose anything. You will either win, or you will learn.”


And once again, my experience at Australian City Design College has given me the opportunity to pursue the career that I’m most passionate about.

“It is never too late to follow your dreams and to pursue your passions”

–  Gina Fu –

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